• Professional Players have to struggle for finances and managing economics
  • No security like pension schemes are in sight
  • No structured system focusing on players health, medical, coaching etc.
  • No basketball event gets limelight… front page attention
  • Limited, almost nil sponsorship and growth of basketball in India
  • Today basketball irrelevant compared to other sports
  • Very few kids aspire to be professional basketball players
  • Personal effort of players with passion not fully supported
  • Mis-utilization or under utilization of State Support

Goals of BIPA

  • Bringing a corporate STRUCTURE to Basketball in India
  • Cut the bureaucracy – bring benefits DIRECTLY to the Players
  • Create a online Ranking System based on MERIT
  • LAUNCH bigger, better and more popular EVENTS
  • Licensing event properties and SHARING PROFITS with all the players.
  • Membership EXCLUSIVELY for players and basketball stakeholder
  • Enhance VALUE and WORTHINESS of players within the society
  • EMPOWER every Basketball player as the sport grows
  • PROMOTE national icons on international level to help them get their due
  • Make PARENTS want their kids to play and be professional player
  • Enthuse kids to play and take up basketball as profession

Organizational Structure

  • Indian Olympic Players - Elite Players
  • Indian International Players who won medals
  • Indian international Players
  • National Level Players
  • District Players
  • College Players
  • School Players

BIPA Proposed Members Benefits

  • Life long security
  • Free Medical Coverage
  • Free tickets to events
  • Life time Pensions benefits
  • Enhances and defends the image of players and the profession.
  • Represent and protect the rights of the players.

BIPA Additional Benefits to Players

  • Effectively market Players to leagues and international teams.
  • Help players for overseas opportunities.
  • Protect the player’s contractual rights and other rights under the sport’s agreement and rules.
  • Find a team, club, academy, agent and arrange a trade.
  • Help the player maximize income from endorsements, commercials, autographs and appearances.
  • Advise player on his or her personal conduct and relationship with the media.
  • Refer the player to medical specialists and treatment facilities.
  • Serve as a buffer between the player and their team when any issue arises.
  • Mentor players and be a positive influence for them.
  • Be available to a player’s family to discuss any questions or concerns.

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Create a corporate structure to Basketball in India and bring benefits directly to Players

About BIPA

Basketball India Players Association (BIPA) is a Non Government Organization (NGO) and was incorporated on January 31, 2017 under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. BIPA is a 'Not For Profit' Company with former, present and future Players, Coaches, Referees, Table Officials, Statisticians, Commentator, Expert, Team Owners, Academy Owners , Physiotherapist, Dietician, and others at all levels from school to Olympians as its members.

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